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American Demo; Record Label Music Talent Competition

Annual Music Competition; Submit Demos or Audition Video to Major Record Label A&R Talent Scouts Looking For New Artists for Record Deals  **All Styles Needed

Submit Your Music Demo Recordings or Audition Music Videos to Major Record Label A&R Talent Scouts looking new artists to sign to Record Deals; Eligibility - Open to; Musicians, Songwriters, Male / Female Singers, Rappers, Bands, Groups Most Styles; Top 40, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Country, Bands / Groups, Drummer, Background Singers, Pianists, Keyboardists, Beat Makers, Composer, Lead / Rhythm / Acoustic Guitarists, Bassists needed for signed bands, Touring, Live Shows, Available Paid Gigs, Studio Session Recording, Open Casting Call Auditions, Singing Auditions for record contracts.
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Submit Demos To Record Labels. We have compiled a list of National & Regional record label music competitions also open to Students; Record Label Talent Competition, All Genres Needed; Top 40, Pop, R&B, Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Dance, Gospel, Christian, Country, Blues, Classical, EDM, Trap, Heavy Metal 
Newest list of major record labels accepting demos. Send Your CD Recording, WAV, Streaming Links or even MP3 downloads, Make sure you send a full length track in a considerable rate, preferably 192 kb/s but the absolute minimum is 128 kb/s.
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A&R Internship Available

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